Biological Fly Control in Pig Stables

Miljøfluen® works out a strategy for fly control in the stables when the agreement has been concluded. In the strategy the type, area and design of the stable is taken into consideration.

The predatory fly is added into pig stables with manure channels. If needed, mini wasps may be added where there is straw.

When the predatory fly hatches, it automatically seeks into the manure channel, where the predatory fly larvaes immediately start fighting the stable fly.

Miljøfluen® supplies the agreed number of bags with predatory flies with pupeas and larvaes. These bags are suspended in the stable. The bags are supplied ongoing through the year to ensure optimal control of the stable fly.

Orders are made for the season/year, or ongoing supplies can be agreed. Miljøfluen® sees to it that the farmer receives the bags with predatory flies on time and also forward guidance to the biological fly control.​

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