About Miljøfluen®

In 1993, Miljøfluen® established production of predatory flies and mini wasps to control stable flies in Danish farms. Predatory flies (also named black dump flies, manure flies, bio flies or miljoe flies) and mini wasps (also known as parasitic wasps) are naturally existing in Danish nature and by means of the way they act and live, they reduce the annoying stable flies.


Miljøfluen® is owned by Tannie Andersen and run from production facilities near Dronninglund in the northern part of Jutland, Denmark. Photo: Rene Jeppesen

Specialists in Fly Control

Miljøfluen® is specialized in producing predatory flies and mini wasps in such a large scale that farmers can benefit from the qualities of these small insects.

Through the years Miljøfluen have gained much expertise in fly control in the various conditions in pig stables, cattle stables, mink farms, and other stables.

We know exactly how to overcome the fly plague – throughout the year – by adding the predatory flies or mini wasps currently into the stables. Therefore, Miljøfluen’s fly control solution is a subscription without bond, where we send the biological manure flies or mini wasps directly to the farmer by package mail. We send manure flies and mini wasps to farmers in the Northern Countries and Europe as well.

Free Delivery Plan and Advice

As a customer at Miljøfluen® we start the cooperation by making a solution plan for each stable. This plan considers the number of animals in the stable, which floor/underlayer, size, etc. Our experienced consultants are all ready to give you advice and in cooperation with you to find the best solution for your farm.

All start-up assistance and advice are free of charge – you only pay for the predatory flies or mini wasps that you need to keep the stable free from flies. Therefore, the price for the biological control (predatory flies or mini wasps) is fixed when agreed upon.

In addition, the subscription is without bond so you can terminate your agreement with us at any time.


The Miljøfluen® staff. Photo: Rene Jeppesen

Our aim is to be the best

Our main aim is to be Agriculture’s leading cooperation partner within biological fly control and we strive to gain the best results in all areas of our business.

Most of our consultants have been with us since the company started and all new employees are thoroughly trained and educated. Therefore, all contact persons can secure a fast and qualified sparring on all questions about fly control.

Our professional staff is ready to help you with advice, receipt of orders, and of course reference to you own consultant.


The production team at Miljøfluen®. Photo: Rene Jeppesen

We expand

The demand for predatory flies and mini wasps is now so high that we have expanded our production facilities. We have rebuilt and expanded both production as well as office facilities to meet the increasing demand, and we keep making new solutions to different stable conditions to follow the needs in Agriculture.

Contact Miljøfluen® if you have any questions