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Eco-friendly Fly Control

​Since 1993

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About Miljøfluen

Eco-friendly Fly Control​

Miljøfluen was established some 25 years ago. At that time predatory flies and mini wasps were a relatively new product for biological fly control in stables. Nevertheless, the demand was large and Miljøfluen quickly needed an expansion of the production facilities. Throughout the years we have continuously developed new solutions for various types of stables, and we are as always leading with new programs.

Most of our consultants have been in the company since the start, and all new consultants are thoroughly educated. Therefore we have much expertise in biological fly control for pig stables, cattle stables, mink farms, and other stables.

In that way all Miljøfluen’s contact persons can give you a quick and qualified sparring to all questions about fly control.​ After several expansions of our products facilities, in 2010 we moved the company to Kildalgårdsvej 3 in Dronninglund, where the new premises were ready for the growing demand.

Secure result

A Service Agreement gives you the best and less costly result

Our consultants work out a plan in cooperation with you to ensure fly free stables at a firm price.

Advising, establishing of delivery plans, and consultant visit, if any, are free of charge. During the agreement should problems arise that requires an extra delivery of predatory flies and/or mini wasps, we shall send these to you free of charge.

We would like to be the best

Our main purpose is to the “The leading cooperation partner in agriculture” when it comes to fly control, and we aim to gain the best results in all fields.

Our professional staff is ready to help you with advice, receipt of orders, and of course reference to you own consultant.

Obtain better environment for your animals with biological fly control.