A costumer case - TH Agro in Denmark

This video shows how predatory flies from Miljøfluen® are used at TH Agros Bjernegård in Ebberup on the island Funen (Fyn) in Denmark. The bags with predatory flies are placed in small containers and hanged up in a place out of reach of the animals. From here the predatory flies can leave as they hatch and fly to the slurry channels where they reproduce and their larvaes eat unwanted fly larvaes. Miljøfluen® is mentioned in the video at the 3:00 min. mark.

Video: TH Agro ApS, AD Media, 2021

​About Miljøfluen

About Miljøfluen

In 1993, Miljøfluen® established production of predatory flies and mini wasps to control stable flies in Danish farms. 

Predatory flies and mini wasps are naturally existing in Danish and most of European nature and by means of the way they act and live, they reduce the annoying stable flies.​



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