Miljøfluen® produces predatory flies and mini wasps as fly control in pig- and cattle stables

 Biological Fly Control for Agriculture

Miljøfluen® introduction

Predatory flies from Miljøfluen® are suitable for fly control in stables with slurry channels.

Mini Wasps from Miljøfluen® are suitable as fly control in stables with deep beeding.

Which kind of stable?

SPF Approved

Labor Inspectorate​

Biological fly control from Miljøfluen® is:

Efficient and environmentally friendly

Easy - with a substription solution - without binding

Without risk of development of resistance (biocides)

A cost-efficient solution

Salmonella free and SPF approved

Tailormade to suit your stables

Includes a permanent consultant during the agreement

Suited for both conventional and ecological stables

​Miljøfluen® produces and delivers biological fly control to Denmark, the Northern countries as well as Europe

​About Miljøfluen

About Miljøfluen

In 1993, Miljøfluen® established production of predatory flies and mini wasps to control stable flies in Danish farms. 

Predatory flies and mini wasps are naturally existing in Danish and most of European nature and by means of the way they act and live, they reduce the annoying stable flies.​



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