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Eco-friendly Fly Control

​Since 1993

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Miljøfluen® produces predatory flies and mini wasps as fly control in pig- and cattle stables

 Biological Fly Control for Agriculture

Miljøfluen® introduction

Predatory flies from Miljøfluen® are suitable for fly control in stables with slurry channels.

Mini Wasps from Miljøfluen® are suitable as fly control in stables with deep beeding.

Which kind of stable?

SPF Approved

Labor Inspectorate​

Biological fly control from Miljøfluen® is:

Efficient and environmentally friendly

Easy - with a substription solution - without binding

Without risk of development of resistance (biocides)

A cost-efficient solution

Salmonella free and SPF approved

Tailormade to suit your stables

Includes a permanent consultant during the agreement

Suited for both conventional and ecological stables

​Miljøfluen® produces and delivers biological fly control to Denmark, the Northern countries as well as Europe