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Eco-friendly Fly Control

​Since 1993

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About miljøfluen ➜​

Production and Sales of Biological Fly Control to Pig, Cattle, Mink and Other Stables

 Biological Fly Control for Agriculture

Biological Fly Control

Eco-friendly and Efficient Control of Flies​

prik2 Biological control of stable flies, no resistance​

prik2 ​Efficient control solutions customized to your stables

prik2 Professional advice about fly control

prik2 Products can be used in both conventional and ecological stables

prik2 Ongoing development of new programs

prik2 Salmonella and SPF approved predatory flies and mini wasps

prik2 Service Consultant attached during the entire period agreed

prik2 25 years’ experience in biological fly control in agriculture

Miljøfluen has a longstanding cooperation with a wide distribution network in Denmark. In addition Miljøfluen supplies biological fly control to much of Europe and the Northern countries, and has an efficient and fruitful cooperation with the distributors in these countries.

Miljøfluen 1993-2018 – 25 years’ anniversary in 2018

Meet us at Agromek in Herning at stand No. J-7246.

We welcome you to our stand with lots of expertise about fly control in your stables

We look forward to welcoming you to our cozy stand where we shall celebrate a.o. with coffee/sweets, red wine and various competitions.

Agromek takes place from Tuesday 27th until 30th November 2018, all days from 9.00-17.00 hours, however on Wednesday until 20.00 hours.

Control of stable flies in: 

SPF Approved

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Obtain better environment for your animals with biological fly control.