Biological FLy Control in Other Stables

Mink, Horse and Goat​

Miljøfluen’s mini wasp programs in mink farms are developed in close cooperation with mink farmers and are targeted control of the different kinds of flies that occur in mink farms.

It is very simple to calculate the consumption of mini wasps in mink farms. Miljøfluen® has a monthly price per unit for one row of cages. Therefore it is easy to calculate the consumption of mini wasps in the mink farm. If necessary, predatory flies, larvaes and pupaes can be added to the manure tank.

Miljøfluen® uses mini wasps to control stable flies in horse and goat stables. A delivery plan is made after a visit to the stables. In the fly season mini wasps are added each 14th day to ensure optimal control of the stable flies.

Orders are made for the season/year, or ongoing supplies can be agreed. Miljøfluen® sees to it that the farmer receives the mini wasps on time and also forward guidance to the biological fly control.


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​About Miljøfluen

About Miljøfluen

In 1993, Miljøfluen® established production of predatory flies and mini wasps to control stable flies in Danish farms. 

Predatory flies and mini wasps are naturally existing in Danish and most of European nature and by means of the way they act and live, they reduce the annoying stable flies.​



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